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Eureka is oval in shape with cream skin and white flesh. It has performed well in trials in all seasons and has the potential to be a very high yielding variety. Its cosmetic appearance is better than Delaware and it maintains its bloom after washing. Eureka has shallow eyes and produces even sized tubers.


Chipbelle x Maris Piper


During trials average maturity was 18 weeks, which was 1-2 weeks longer than Delaware and 3-4 weeks later than Nadine.

Disease Reactions

Eureka has better disease resistance than Delaware, with good tolerance to blight. It is resistant to PCN but susceptible to powdery scab and crocodile skin like Delaware.

Plant Spacing

Spacing during trials was set at 8" (20cm) compared to 6" (15cm) for Delaware. The tubers will be too large if the spacings are too wide (over 20cm).


To be determined.

Like Delaware, Eureka can produce large canopies, particularly under summer growing conditions. A big advantage of Eureka is that its tubers still hold their shape.

Agronomy Tip

Eureka is known to be sensitive to post emergent applications of Sencor (metribuzin). Reduce Nitrogen applications for summer plantings and manage as per a Delaware summer crop.

Cooking Characteristics

Eureka has better microwave and frying quality compared to Delaware. However, it tends to fall apart if over-boiled. Recent trials suggest that crops from the Manjimup district may not boil and mash as well as those from other districts. Eureka also has improved taste over the Delaware variety.

Boil/Salad Mash Microwave Roast Fry Taste

Excellent Very Good Good

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