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Royal Blue


Royal Blue is long oval in shape and is often slightly flattened. It has purple skin and golden yellow flesh. The 1999/2000 Season was the first season that it was grown in commercial quantities and the results were very encouraging. Major retailers have shown strong support for this variety and consumer acceptance has been very positive.

This variety has improved handling characteristics in that it is more resistant to internal bruising than other varieties. However, take caution when harvesting as bunker damage can occur due to its block shape and the potato falling on its end.


Asterix x SVP VE 76-46


Royal Blue must be harvested within 3 weeks of spray off otherwise the skin finish will suffer. Maturity is similar to Delaware but can be 1-2 weeks longer.

Disease Reactions

Resistant to leaf roll virus but can be susceptible to black spot. Silver scurf will produce brown discolouration on the skin.

Plant Spacing

Some growers have set Royal Blue spacing at 6" (15cm) but the tubers produced were fairly small. Wider spacing (20-25cm) may be required to produce a more adequate size tuber.


To be determined.

Cooking Characteristics

Royal Blue is an excellent all purpose potato that has a high dry matter, making it suitable for both French fries and as a table potato. It is also an excellent tasting potato.

Boil/Salad Mash Microwave Roast Fry Taste

Excellent Very Good Good

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