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Kipfler has a very distinctive elongated, banana shape with a smooth buff/yello coloured skin. The flesh is firm, waxy and cream/yellow in colour. Kipfler is a very popular niche potato variety.


Originates in Austria


Early to medium early

Disease Reactions


Plant Spacing

Suggested spacings, to produce tubers that are approximately 12cm long, would vary from 30 – 35 cm (12-14 inches). There are a high percentage of small tubers associated with this variety. The Kipfler plants range from small to medium height with dark green foliage.


Current information suggets a yield potential of 25-40 ton/ha.

Cooking Characteristics

Kipfler is a supurb potato for salads and roasts having a unique shape and flavour.

Boil/Salad Mash Microwave Roast Fry Taste

Excellent Very Good Good

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