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Delaware is a medium to large cream/buff coloured oval potato with firm, waxy white flesh. Available all year, delaware are distinctive for their moderate to deep set eyes and their tendancy to store particularly well.


Delaware originated in California


Medium to early, similar to that of Nadine.

Disease Reactions

Delaware is sucseptible to early blight and various skin blemishes and is not resistant to PCN.

Plant Spacing

Suggested spacing would vary from 15 – 25 cm (6-10 inches). This would vary depending on the age of the seed, the growing conditions and crop management. The Delaware plant is extremely vigourous and has a dense light green canopy.


Ranging from 30 – 75 t/ha.

Cooking Characteristics

Delaware is an all round great tasting starchy potato perfecet for microwaving, boiling or roasting.

Boil/Salad Mash Microwave Roast Fry Taste

Excellent Very Good Good

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