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Nadine is an attractive oval to long-oval shaped potato with a smooth white skin and firm creamy coloured flesh.


Solanum vernii polycross



Disease Reactions

Susceptible to blackleg and potato leaf roll virus Nadine has a good resistance to powdery scab and moderate resistance to common scab.

Plant Spacing

Suggested spacing is from 10 – 30 cm (4-12 inches). This will vary depending on the age of the seed, growing conditions and crop management. The nadine plants is a moderate grower with a habit of opening up whe it grows.


Capable of producing extremely high yields (in excess of 100 ton/ha) under ideal conditions and crop management. A realistic yield is between 30 – 80 t/ha.

Cooking Characteristics

Nadine waxy flesh holds its shape and colour very well after cooking, making it a fabulous potato to microwave or boil however Nadine is not suitable for frying.

Boil/Salad Mash Microwave Roast Fry Taste

Excellent Very Good Good

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