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White Star


White Star is a large cream coloured oblong potato. Available September to November White Star are distinctive for their shallow eyes and smooth skin.


Bred by The Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, its parents are Gladiator and 91-158-6.



Disease Reactions

Tolerant to powdery scab. It is susceptible to most other common diseases of potatoes.

Plant Spacing

Suggested spacing is from 25 – 30 cm (10-12 inches) for planting during Autumn in the Perth region and planting in June & July in the Myalup region.


Capable of producing high yields (in excess of 50 ton/ha) under ideal conditions and crop management.

Cooking Characteristics

White Star is a multipurpose, medium dry matter potato making it a great potato to mash, boil, microwave roast and fry.

Boil/Salad Mash Microwave Roast Fry Taste

Excellent Very Good Good

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