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Desiree is long and oval in shape with a smooth pink (not red)skin and firm pale yellow flesh.


Bred by ZPC in the Netherlands from Urgenta x Depesche


Classed as medium to late maturing desiree tends to mature later in WA.

Disease Reactions

Susceptible to common scab and potato leaf roll virus but possesses a slight resistance to powdery scab.

Plant Spacing

Suggested spacing would vary from 20 – 28 cm (8-11 inches). This will vary depending on the age of the seed, the growing conditions and the crop management. The desiree plant is relatively vigorous, medium sized plant that is prone to produce multiple stems if the seed is old.


Between 25 – 70 ton/ha depending on the time of the year and the management of the crop.

Cooking Characteristics

Desiree is generally free from discolouration after cooking and is great for boiling, mashing, roasting or microwaving.

Boil/Salad Mash Microwave Roast Fry Taste

Excellent Very Good Good

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