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Ruby Lou


Ruby Lou is an oval shaped potato with a double pink skin and white flesh. It produces a very uniform sample of tubers with shiny skin and shallow eyes. Ruby Lou has done well from February, April and June plantings and does not have the shooting problems that occur with Foxton. Ruby Lou generally has very good crop vigour and tolerates the rough winter weather very well. It holds its bloom very well after washing.


Foxton x 69-32T-4


Generally 1-2 weeks longer than Delaware. The crop will probably need to be sprayed off to meet delivery times.

Disease Reactions

Prone to powdery scab. Like Desiree, Ruby Lou is susceptible to silver scurf and black dot so it should be harvested as soon after crop maturity as possible.

Plant Spacing

During trials plant spacing was set at 8" (20cm). Wider seed spacing (25-30cm) may be required to produce a more adequate tuber size.


To be determined.

Cooking Characteristics

Ruby Lou has consistently boiled well, remaining whole with little or no after cooking darkening. It mashes well with few ricey particles. It microwaves well and produces excellent chips that are a pale cream colour and crisp on the outside. Ruby Lou has very good flavour.

Boil/Salad Mash Microwave Roast Fry Taste

Excellent Very Good Good

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