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ABC article on biofumigants
ABC article about a pioneering Tasmanian potato farmer who is growing tonnes of produce using fewer chemicals with a method called bio-fumigation.

Australian Agriculture topics. A list of links on Australian agriculture topics.

Loads of information on different rural industries, including potatoes, as well as a list of products and services offered by the agency.

Australian Government Department of Agriculture
The latest news and information on agriculture

Bristish Potato Council
The British Potato Council develops and promotes Britain's Potato Industry

Good Practices Guide
This guide is integral to a strategy that utilises a range of resources aimed at achieving a common goal - sustainable vegetable production. The information is relevant to vegetable growers through the south west of Western Australia.

International Potato Council
Fueling growth, health and prosperity

Detailed information about the Dutch seed and ware potato industry.

Potato Greening
Why do potatoes turn green and are they safe to eat?

Potatoes South Africa
All you need to know about the South African potato industry.

Provides excellent access to information on potato production and storage. Go to the Horticultural section and click on the potato page.

SILO - Meteorology for the land
Weather information service for rural communities

The worlds leading high technology seed potato company. Provides background on Technituber technology and its advantages for the potato industry.

US Potato Marketing Board
The United States Potato Board was established in 1971 by a group of potato growers to promote the benefits of eating potatoes.

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